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Chinese Jade Carvings Buyers

Jade is an important stone in Chinese art, culture and history stretching back 9000 years into the ancient Chinese empire. Jade is believed to be a link between both the spiritual and physical worlds. Jade is also prized by other civilizations, but no other culture can rival the intricacy of Chinese jade carvings, rings and beaded necklaces. The term jade often encompasses different minerals such as serpentine and aventurine. These are not true jades. The only two stones that are true jades are both nephrite and jadeite.

Jade comes in a variety of colors. Green jade is the most traditional. Imperial jade is thought to have been possessed by the emperor and royal family. Imperial jade is a deep green color, displaying translucence and is without any visible flaws or color variations. Lavender jade results from the presence of maganese or from iron charge transfer. White jade is considered "pure" jade as there are no chemical impurities to add color. The color of white jade ranges from a translucent white grey to an opaque milky white. White jadeite is often accompanied by other colors. Jade comes in several other colors including creamy mutton fat and black.

Jade is used in a variety of jewelry, such as bracelets, bangles, necklaces, pendants, rings and earrings. Jade sculptures are also very popular. Jade buddhas, urns, vases, censers, phoenix birds, and dragons are some of the more popular carved sculptures.

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